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1417 Queen Anne Ave N
Seattle, Wa

(206) 284-8852

We are a community eye-care practice serving Seattle with superior care since 1999.  Whether you are in for your first exam or updating your look with a new pair frames, our knowledgable staff has you covered. 


Eye Exams

At City Eye Care, we provide a number of different eye examination services. A routine comprehensive eye exam is performed yearly to make sure your acuities are sharp and that your eyes are healthy. We can also see you for medical office visits for anything from allergies to injuries. Lasik and Cataract pre and post-operative care is also managed effectively by your primary eye care doctor.


We hand pick each frame line featured at City Eye Care. Our priority in frames is quality of construction and design. We find that eyewear designers that have one focus make the best products. Click on the “Eyewear” tab to learn more about the lines we love.


Most optometrists write eyeglass prescriptions in 0.25 diopter steps. At City Eye Care we take it one step further and create prescriptions in 0.12 diopter steps to ensure you are getting the crispest vision achievable without overcorrecting. We use digital lenses because they provide the highest level of optical clarity. The digital lens technology we use takes into account a number of different factors, such as pantoscopic tilt, wrap angle, and vertex distance of each frame so that the prescription lens is clear and comfortable to use when the frame is worn.

Contact lenses

There are a multitude of different brands and manufacturers of contact lenses. At City Eye Care we make sure that your contact lenses cater to all of your needs based on your priorities. Whether you’re looking for comfort, convenience, or affordability, we have the right lenses for you. We provide contact lens fittings for both new and existing wearers. If it’s your first time, we will provide the training and instruction needed to wear and care for your contact lenses. For existing wearers, we can fine tune your prescription to keep your eyes happy and your acuities sharp.


We work with most insurance providers, please contact us to verify in-network status and benefit eligibility.